Наталья Корчёмкина Natalya Korchemkina


Ceramic artist. Perm, Russia.

The Ural School of Applied Arts, Nizhniy Tagil.
The Leningrad (St. Petersburg) Academy of Art and Design.
Chief Artist of the “Salavatsteklo” Glass Factory, the Bashkir Republic. 1981-1985.
Freelance Artist (1986), member of “The Union of Artists of Russia” since 1991
A participant of city, regional, all-Russian and international shows since 1986.
Meritorious Artist of Russia 2010.

1991 – “Tapestry and Ceramics”, Perm State Art Gallery. Russia
1993 –  “Tapestry and Ceramics”, Frideriksborg, Denmark
1996 – “From Clay and Fire…”, The “Amarant” Gallery, Perm, Russia
2001 – “A Distant Echo”, The Municipal Exhibition Hall, Perm, Russia.
2002 – “Cat&Co”, the “Maris-Art” Gallery, Perm, Russia.
2003 - “A Spiral of Time”, the Central Artists’ House, Moscow, Russia.
2004 – “Talking to a Fish”, the House of Artists, Perm, Russia.
2005 – “An Hourglass”, the “Maris-Art” Gallery, Perm, Russia.
2005 - “Perm Period”, Louisville, KY, USA.
2006 – “Faraway Breezes”, Bernheim, KY, USA.
2006 – “By Sun & Shade Trail”, the House of Artists, Perm, Russia.
2006-07 – “Let’s Winter Together”, the Exhibition Hall, Perm, Russia.
2007 – “Procession with an Angel”, the “Maris-Art” Gallery, Perm, Russia.
2008 – “Forgotten Key”, the “Babylon” Gallery, Samara, Russia.
2008-2009 – “Light in a Window”, the Vasnetsov Brothers Regional Art Museum, Kirov, Russia.
2010 - “Mute Message”, Espai d’Art Les Quintanes, Llorenc del Penedes, Catalynia, Spain.
2010 – 2011 “Looking for a Face”. Реrm State Art Gallery. Russia.
2011 - “Tea Party with Gulliver”. The “Maris-Art” Gallery, Perm, Russia.
2012- “Northern Sun”. ”, The Exhibition Hall, Perm, Russia.
2012 - “Searching for a Face” – Old Fire Station Gallery, Oxford, Great Britain. 2012.

.2006  – St. James Court Art Show, Louisville, KY, USA.
2006 – “Gold-Red: Origins”. “Dion” Gallery, Prague, The Czech Republic.
2006 – The All-Russian Show of Decorative and Applied Arts. Moscow, Russia.
2007 – The “Yalgat”. International Finno-Ugric Art Exhibition. Saransk, Russia.
2007 – “Unity”. Regional Exhibition, Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia.
2007 – “Vorontsovo” Museum of Decorative and Applied Arts, Moscow, Russia.
2008 – “Fatherland”, the Central Artists’ House, Moscow, Russia.
2008 – “The Big Volga” Regional exhibition, Cheboksary-Samara, Russia.
2009 – The All-Russian Exhibition, The Central Artists’ House, Moscow, Russia.
2009 - “Ceramica Multiplex”, The 3rd International Festival of Postmodern Ceramics. Varazdin, Croatia.
2009 – “Perm Vector “. The Central Exhibition Hall, Perm, Russia.
2009 – 2010 – “A Circle of Fire”. The Central Exhibition Hall. Bobruisk, Mogilev, Minsk, Belarus.
2010 – “Art Through Time” Perm State Art Gallery, Russia
2010 – The 4th  International Ceramic Tile Triennial. Centro Leon, Santiago, the Dominican Republic.
2010 – The 2nd International Modern Pot Art Biennale, Shanghai Arts and Crafts Museum, China.
2010 – “Collectiva D’Estiu”. El Vendrell, Catalonia, Spain.
2011 – “International Mixed Exhibition. Painting- Sculpture- Ceramic”. Usak University Art Gallery. Turkey.
2012 – IV BICMA. Biennal internacional de Ceramica de Marratxi. Mallorca, Spain.

2013 - "The Big Volga".  Regional exhibition. Khazan - Perm, Russia. 

2013 - «Baikal-Keramistika». The Regional Sukachev art museum. Irkutsk. Russia.

2013 - "LANDescape. FOREWORD". Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre, Latvia.

2013 - "LANDescape. AFTERWORD". Daugavpils Clay Art Centre, Latvia.

 2013 - The 2nd China KaoLin Grand Prix for International Ceramic Art. The Great China Museum. Jingdezhen. China.

2013-14 The 8th International Small Form Porcelain Exhibition. Riga Porcelain Museum. Riga. Latvia.

A 2-month workshop in ceramics. Moscow. 2004.
A 3-month art residency.  Bernheim, KY, USA. 2005.
The 7th and 8th “Art-ZhiZhal”. International Ceramic Plein-Air.  Bobruisk, Belarus. 2009, 2010.
“Let’s Tile Together”, International Art Project, the Dominican Republic. 2010.
“Casamarles” Art Residency, Spain. March – May, 2010.
“Enrajolem!”, International Art Project. El Vendrell. Spain. 2010.
Art residency and “White Nights” Art Festival. Vsevolodo-Vilva. Perm Region. 2010, 2011.
1st and 2nd International Ceramic Symposiums. Ryabovo, Kirov Region, Russia. 2011, 2012.
“Red Angel”. An International Ceramic Open-Air Symposium. Perm, 2012.
«Fundacion Valparaiso». Art-residency. Almeria, Spain. 2012.

 Art Symposium on ceramics «Baikal-Keramistika 2013». Irkutsk region, Olkhon island, 2013.

International Ceramic Art Symposium "LANDescape".Daugavpils, Latvia.


Perm State Art Gallery – over 40 pieces (has a letter of gratitude); The Perm Krai Museum;
Kurgan Art Museum; The Vasnetsov Brothers Regional Art Museum in Kirov; Museum of Decorative and Applied Arts in Moscow; City Museum of Varazdin, Croatia; Modern Ceramics Centre in Bobruisk, Belarus, Shanghai Arts and Crafts Museum, The Regional Sukachev art museum, Irkutsk, Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre, Latvia.
And in private collections of Russia, Great Britain, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, France, the Czech Republic, USA.

First premium at City Competition in Fine Arts, 1998
Diploma of the Department of Culture , 2002.
The State scholarship of Russian Department of Culture. 2008.
“Honorary Mention”, “Ceramica Multiplex”, III International Festival of Postmodern Ceramics. Varazdin, Croatia, 2009.
Award of the II Shanghai International Modern Pot Art Biennial Exhibition, China. 2010.
Diploma of the Russian Academy of Arts. 2012.

The Grand Prix of the Symposium "Baikal-Ceramistika 2013».