Fundación Valparaíso

Spain. October, 2012

​Арт-резиденции. Art-residencies.


The residence is nestled between orchards and olive groves, with magnificent views to the Mediterranean coast and the Sierra Cabrera..

The Valparaíso Foundation is a private, not-for-profit institution founded in March 1990 by Paul and Beatrice Beckett...

Dear Natalya & Inna,

The Board of the Foundation has evaluated your application and we are pleased to offer you a residency grant at Valparaiso Foundation, as soon as we have a space available. We cannot invite you at the current time; in fact there is a waiting list.
Anyway, you are already at the top of our list and we will contact you when and if a place becomes vacant.
We take this opportunity to send you our best wishes, may 2012 be filled with joy, peace and great adventures to enjoy!

Warm regards and Happy New Year!

Fundación Valparaíso

Marie-Laure González


The village of Mojácar is located in the Provincia of Almería, with a population of about three thousand inhabitants. The closest airport is in Almería, about 90 kms. away from Mojácar, but there are also bus connections from Almería, Murcia, Alicante, Granada, Madrid, and Málaga etc. Mojácar sits on top of a hill in the Sierra Cabrera. The beach is four kms. away from the retreat (approx. thirty five minutes by foot or by local bus 2 kms. from the FV)

The Fundación is located in a rural setting, two kms. away from Mojácar, a steep climb. There is space for eight artists at a time, each room has a private bath and some share a roof terrace. Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate partners, children or friends. Pets are not allowed. We would also like to inform you that we are unable to provide a vegetarian menu or meals for special diets, but we do have many fruits and vegetables every day. The environment is perfect for those who are seeking isolation, peace and privacy.

Dear Natalya & Inna,

We are pleased to inform you that the Board of Fundación Valparaiso has agreed to invite you both to a residency for the following dates:

June 4th - 30th 2012 (noon to noon)

The grant compromises free Board and lodging plus laundry service, but no traveling cost or personal insurance.

Dear Natalya & Inna.

Thank you for your prompt answer. I am sorry to hear that you can not attend the residency offered, but I understand your reasons and I wish you all the best for the Biennial and the show. It is good to know you have the VISA, that makes things easier.

I agree to postpone your residency and there are two possible periods:

October 3rd – 29th 2012, but you would have to share the studio working space, because there are already 3 painters invited and we only have four studios. Anyway, the bedrooms are individual, so you would one for each. 

Or November 2nd – 27th 2012, there is only one visual artist invited by now, so you could have an individual studio.